Investor Relations

Investor Relations (IR) is the process of communication with the capital markets community, so that they can gain a greater understanding about the company’s business, governance, financial performance and prospects.

Investor Relations is a long-term, ongoing responsibility, rather than an activity that many companies undertake just occasionally. With over 5,000 companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, competition for investor, analyst and media attention is strong, with the risk that un-nurtured relationships and low, or even no visibility with such groups, can result in a quoted company having limited access to these audiences and in turn low stock valuations.

At VALOREM ADVISORS WE ARE ALL ABOUT ADDING VALUE. We are engaged in providing Independent Investor Relations Management Services for public corporations. Our services are very unique and unlike any other providers in India today. Please note that we are neither Brokers nor a Public Relations company, we in fact work independent of them and in good synergy with them. Our service offering has been proven to save more than 80% of management time, energy and bandwidth. We work as an extended arm of the companies we represent and manage capital market interactions for them in a proactive manner, we also develop investor collaterals, manage capital market relationships and perform various value added analyses for them. And that is not the only value addition we bring. In fact, we work very hard to offer unique services to the corporation by developing a very comprehensive and customized plan based on the corporation’s needs and requirements. To maintain our uniqueness, we have deliberately opted to not disclose the details of our service offerings and their value addition on our website. If interested, please email us on and we shall be happy to send you our brochure.