Mr. Vinay Paharia, Religare Mutual Fund - Senior Fund Manager
"Anuj and his team are fairly detailed in their work with in-depth analysis on the companies they cover"

Mr. Hardik Doshi, First Voyager Advisors - Director
"Valorem Advisors is one of the best Investor Relations Management Services companies in India. Their team are always well educated and have a thorough understanding on the fundamentals and financials of the companies they represent. Their quality of presentations are to the point and detailed enough for investors like us to get a good understanding on the companies. I strongly recommend Valorem Advisors' Investor Relations Services to all companies."

Mr. Bajrang Bafna, Sunidhi Securities - Head of Research
"Marking strong link between corporates and investors, believe Valorem Advisors will bring new dimensions to eliminate information asymmetry among market participants”

Aditya Chaturvedi , Head - Investor Relations & Corporate Finance at Infinite Computer Solutions
"Valorem has added invaluable investor relationship insights to the company through their relentless efforts and have certainly added value to our IR department. They have taken their charge seriously and ensured that all negative rumors have been quelled through appropriate information meetings and presentations. They have provided the appropriate guidance as required and I would recommend their work in a professional capacity. Anuj and team have managed the relationship very well.”

Letter of Appreciation for ELECRAMA Network 2 Networth Event Management from Finance Minister