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Investor Relation events are globally the most popular forms of interactive and interpersonal communication mechanisms between the management of corporates and the investor community. IR events primarily include Analyst Meets, Earnings Conference Calls, Non-deal Roadshows, and participation in Conferences. These events provide an incredible opportunity for companies to explain their businesses, articulate their strategies, and address questions and concerns from the investor community, in order to build on their trust and faith.

Roadshow patterns among small and midcap companies in the USA and Europe show an increase from 77% in 2015 to 88% in 2018, although the concept is still maturing among South Asian based companies.

There has been a 40% rise in earnings conference calls in the last five years by Indian companies reaching a total of 500+ con calls a quarter, which still means that less than 10% of the listed Indian companies host earnings con calls. This number is over 50% lesser than calls hosted by US-based companies during an earnings season.

Analyst Meets are a more personal and interactive form of events rather than earnings conference calls and less than 100 Indian companies host annual analyst meets in a year, even though it is one of the most preferred events from an investor point of view.

Most Indian companies prefer participating in conferences that are held by brokerage houses even though the targeting, participation and format of meetings are not controllable by the company and the participation only includes the selective pool of investors that the brokerage house is empaneled with and whose purpose of the conference could be primarily to provide broad corporate access to the investors. Well planned Non-Deal Roadshows in a group or one on one formats can be far more effective than depending on brokerage houses.

Understanding these gaps, Valorem Advisors has developed tailor made solutions across various types of Investor Relations events to ensure the maximum and appropriate visibility with a targeted approach.

We bring to you – Valorem Advisors Investor Relations Event Management Solutions.

Why Valorem?

The key to successful IR event management is based on Excellent Investor Relationships by understanding investor preferences and Experience in the planning and management of such events.

Being an industry leader in Investor Relations Management with more than 10 years of experience, Valorem has developed over 10,000 relationships across over 200 Brokerage houses, and over 600 Buy Side Institutions like Foreign Institutional Investors, Mutual Funds, Insurance companies, PMS and AIF funds, Private Equities and also other Strategic Funds. We host, plan and manage multiple earnings calls, non-deal roadshows, analyst meets every month for our 50+ clients. Valorem is also the only Investor Relations Management company to host annual analyst conferences catering to both buy and sell side institutions, which are the most widely attended conferences by any comparison.

We build an annual Investor Relations events calendar based on management’s strategy and investor availability. From planning and managing the location and timing of the event, to appropriate targeting and sending personal invitations, prepping the management with their speech and possible questions, and also collecting candid feedback from the participants.

Investor Relations Events

Earning Calls
- Organising and facilitating Quarterly Earnings Conference calls
- Creating invitations, and inviting a wider set of buy and sell side institutional participants
- Preparing management by creating the opening speech and FAQs for the conference call

Non-Deal Roadshows
- Organising and facilitating domestic and international NDRs
- Getting participation from both buy and sell side institutions
- A typical roadshow will see attendance from close to 40-50+ participants in a single day

Analyst meets
- Organising and facilitating Quarterly / Annual Analyst meets
- Creating invitations, and inviting a wider set of buy and sell side institutional participants
- Doing on site event management
- Preparing management by creating the opening speech and FAQs for the conference call

Brokerage House Conferences
- Valorem maintains close relationships with all brokerage houses to help invite companies for their conferences
- We ensure participation of our clients in brokerage house conferences on a best effort basis

Valorem Annual Conferences
- Unique and India’s only conference organised by an Investor Relations management agency
- Participants include both institutions from the buy (investors) side and sell (brokerage houses) side analysts
- Sector Specific days to target the right audience
- Valorem One is another one of its kind conference with one on one meetings with senior level and platinum institutions

Plant/Site Visits
- Organising and facilitating Plant or Site Visits
- Creating Invitations, and inviting a wider set of buy and sell-side institutional participants
- On-site management on the day of the visit

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