Value Addition

SIGNIFICANT TIME SAVINGS – Enabling increased management focus on core operations and growth pursuits. All investors would meet with us to understand company's fundamentals and financials thoroughly, so that when they meet with management the questions are primarily strategy focused rather than monotonous and routine business questions.

RELATIONSHIP ACCESS – Valorem Advisors have superior access to quality capital market relationships – brokers and investors. Our network of relationships comprises of all the leading domestic and MNC brokerage houses in India, as well as all domestic institutional investors and also a majority of the large foreign institutional investors.

CAPABILITIES – Our specialization is born by our ability to understand companies, businesses and industries, and also our capability of marketing their investment story independently without the assistance or presence of the company’s management. We are analysts, hence we understand the language that analysts speak.

IMPROVED VISIBILITY – Resulting from Pro-active and continuous IR management efforts as well as strong relationship access.

EXTENDED ARM OF CLIENTS – We focus on representing our clients effectively and independently on a sustainable basis by understanding the business and its financials thoroughly, rather than being mere postman’s and increasing meetings for managements.

HIGHER RETURN TO SHAREHOLDERS – Strategic Focus on getting a fair market value, increasing liquidity of shares and easier access to capital for the company if and when required in the future.